Friday, August 15, 2014

Who Ilsa really loves?

I might never get the exact answer for this.

I have that question alive in my head for 24 hours, since the first time I watched Casablanca. I watched again and still I cannot tell. Roger Ebert once said that "she paint his face with her eyes", and my... hers were a beautiful one. Do the mix look of longing and regret can be one of the indication? Or can I have a personal opinion that she loves Rick because the other man act so stiff I believe he cannot walk properly. But really, who Ilsa Lund really loves?

It is easier to accept the obvious, she loves Rick but she have duty, so there she goes to America with her activist husband. But there's also possibility that she might be really loves Laszlo and just pretend to loves Rick back so he will help them escape. After all woman who tangle in politic is political force herself. So which one might be true?

But then tell me, how can you tell who is a woman really loves? I am a woman but I've never been in love so I cannot tell. Then maybe another question, what it is that makes a woman fall in love harder? The happy fleeting time in Paris or the cause that change the world? It may be depend on the woman, and I never know what kind of woman Ilsa Lund is. 

Watching this movie making me feeling a little conflicted. Should I be team Rick, rooting for his too-cool-to-care, "do not stick my neck for anyone" style, but fall hard for that simple "here's looking at you, kid"? or, on the side, rooting for team Laszlo, with his die-hard nationalism, leader of the resistance, but still human enough to love his wife against all the danger? well, well, tough choice huh?

I might choose Rick but I suspect it is more because of Bogart portrayal is superbly above Henreid's Laszlo. In character on the other hand, I can associate myself with Laszlo, not Ilsa. Well, I'm a stiff myself, and quite much into politics and propaganda, so Laszlo is appropriate match. However, I still strongly prefer Rick Blaine though as a woman. Maybe personal taste, but hey, nothing sexier than a man sending away the woman she loves because he realize that their personal problem is not "amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world". 

Whatever happened, it happened. Casablanca is among the best movie of all time, topped only by Citizen Kane and The Godfather. Humphrey Bogart is definitely deserved the title of Best Male Actor of all time. And I'll be damned that "As time goes by" tune will haunt me for the next few days. Thanks Casablanca, you are yare... 

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