Monday, November 30, 2009

Little Korean

Our vendor-partner just come back from South Korea. He bought us all this cute little keychain of little korean man wearing hanbok (is this the right word?)

I like it, it's very cute...

just wondering, when I will attend that country??? and will I meet one of DBSK member??? hehehe... just kidding... :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Vanilla is better than Chocolate!

The bold one is me! :)

You like showers better than bubble baths.
You cannot stand pop music.
You have a sister.
You are an only child.
You have black hair.
You have blonde hair.
You have red hair.
You have glasses.
You wear contacts.
You like TV more than movies.
You don’t talk on the phone often.
You like to shop.
You like emo music.
You are tall.
You are short.
You are average height.
You have long hair.
You have medium length hair.
You have short hair.
You use AIM.
You use Yahoo IM.
You have more than 3 pets.
You like sushi.
You love sushi.
You are on a diet.
You are currently on the second floor of your house.
You have a small room.
You are in high school.
You have 1 little brother.
You have an older brother.
You are allergic to something.
You have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
You have a current crush.
You have many crushes.
You have been kissed.
You have kissed another girl.
You laugh a lot.
You have lots of friends.
You are lonely.
You are depressed.
You are listening to music.
You are doing homework.
You have school tomorrow.
You are sick.
You hate your teacher.
You think your teacher is OK.
There is drama in your school, constantly.
You are wearing sweat pants.
You are wearing socks.
You are wearing a T-shirt.
You have lost a loved one.
You hate your school.
You loved your school.
You have been picked on.
You have been yelled at.
You have gotten in a fight.
You have said a bad word.
You shop at Abercrombie and Fitch.
You play basketball.
You play softball.
You play baseball.
You play soccer.
You play football.
You hate sports.
You get manicures.
You shop at Pac Sun.
You go to the mall a lot.
You are close with your family.

You never fight with your parents.
You have been grounded.
You have driven a car.
You are listening to your iPod.
You are watching TV.
You are watching a movie.
You are listening to the radio.
You are singing.
You are happy.
You are sad.
You are blah.
You are anxious.
You are about to go somewhere.
You haven’t been out of your house for over 3 days.
Someone besides you is in the same room with you.
You love your natural hair.
You hate your eye color.
You wish you were never been born.
You write your own songs.
You write books.
You hate to write.
You hate your hometown.
You love your hometown.
You are smart.
You are average.
You are dumb.
You get good grades.
You enjoy having people at your house.
You love going to the movies with a lot of people.
You like to go bowling with your friends.
You have ice-skated before.
You like popsicles.
You think Vanilla is better than Chocolate

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rubber and shoes

Kalo kata si boss sih Ban-mobil-recycled. Kata Dita gak jauh beda ama yang palsu. Tapi toh akhirnya beli juga :)

Thanks to Teh Ratih atas harga miringnya. Hehehe...

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Goal???

Everything so grey lately, first: it always rain :( , second: I walk without direction!

21 years, and still dunno where I want to bring my life to. The last 17 years, I have school. I don't have to think what I want to do next year, because there'll always be school! New semester, new grade, new class, new teacher, new subject, new school... But still, there's school! So, should I go back to school?

I have a promise to my parent, unspoken promise, that I will take master... Whenever it will be. Then is it the right time?

Instantly, I will answer: Yes! I work in a place where I NEED more than what I had learned at college, and once again school is the lighten up my grey future.

But, in actual I will answer: NO! I just start my job, school just my expensive-runaway, and yes, it is really expensive! And do I have enough money? No! Do I have the courage to ask my father's help? BIG NO! I won't put my parent to another hard-work-to-pay-tuition anymore. I always feel thankful for what my parent has done to send me to college, but still, it doesn't mean that it's not torture me! The last four year was enough sacrifice from them, now is time for them to happy living and rest more.

So, I choose the actual answer. School maybe a perfect getaway, but I just don't feel I fight enough with what I have today. Just have to give more effort. I'll go back to school someday, but not now, I still have a battle to win!
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Monday, November 2, 2009

New Bag Organizer

I ordered this Large-size-khaki bag organizer from Tasprint last week. Due to some mis-organizing in the ordering system, my order slipped. I directly asked the seller so they realize that my order slipped. They apologize and immediately send my order... And voila, it's arrived today!

It much smaller than I predicted, but not too small, actually it is in the proper size for almost woman bag in the market. This product is very helpful for me, whose bag is all shapeless :D
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